Community The Movie Is Slowly Turning To Community… Reboot?

Community The Movie Is Slowly Turning To Community… Reboot?
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Fans are hoping that was a slip of the tongue and nothing more.


  • Community was a very popular sitcom by Dan Harmon that aired from 2009 to 2015.
  • The show itself created a joke about lasting “six seasons and a movie”, and now seems to keep its word by the movie being on its way.
  • However, in a recent interview, Harmon mentioned a potential reboot, which led to mixed reactions.

There aren't many examples of a meme from the show happening in real life, but whatever's going on with Community is a great example of how anything can happen. "Six Seasons and a Movie" started out as an internal joke within the script of the show itself.

Then it became a meme in the fandom that was teased by the crew and cast, and then the show ended at the six-season mark. After that, it was only fair for fans to wonder if the movie was really going to happen, or if it was just a joke taken too far.

Considering how much time has passed between the series finale and today, many have given up hope of seeing Community The Movie come to life, but just before the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, the news broke. Not only was Community The Movie on its way, but it was already in pre-production.

This was both a huge relief and a huge disappointment for fans, who were forced to wait weeks and months for their favorite characters to return during the strikes. Now that the strikes are over, everyone has had a chance to reflect. Everyone, including the creator of the show and the movie, Dan Harmon.

Community The Movie Rewritten Script

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While it was true that the script was finished as the shooting date approached, no one had a sense of completion. At least that is what Dan Harmon told the Associated Press. He reflected on what actually made the strikes a blessing in disguise for this particular project.

It turns out that all the creative team needed was to take a step back, put down their pens, and relax for a bit. Coming back to the script after such a break brought a lot of clarity, highlighted a lot of questionable moments, and just helped to get a new perspective. With all the changes made, the crew now feels that the result is much better.

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What made the fans a little worried has nothing to do with the progress of the movie itself. The word "reboot" that Harmon mentioned at the very end of his speech was the trigger that sent the entire community of Community fans into full panic mode. Reviving such a crazy show is not what people really want to see right now.

While some fans admit that if anyone could do a reboot justice, it would be Dan Harmon, others aren't sure if anyone can recreate that chemistry.

“I don't think anyone could reboot the series right now because so much of what we love are these specific characters and actors. You could have prime Marlon Brando, Sidney Poitier, and De Niro in those roles and they wouldn't have the magic these actors had because so much of it was organic and unique to them,” Redditor Hollacaine said.

Whether you believe that the movie should be the farewell from the Community creators for the fans, or want to see where else the story could lead, it’s definitely not something you’d want to miss. Stay tuned for more news and behind-the-scenes updates for Community The Movie.

Source: The Associated Press, Reddit