Concerned About Hemsworth Possibly Leaving After 'Love and Thunder'? Worry Not, Taika Waititi Teases

Image credit: Marvel Studios

It remains to be seen whether Thor's superhero days are indeed over.

The second trailer for 'Thor: Love and Thunder' has established the significant role of Jane Foster in the movie, with Thor clearly underwhelmed by how she suddenly re-appears in his life and even claims his weapon, Mjolnir.

This, along with the general tone of the two trailers, have led many fans to assume that Chris Hemsworth's Thor might be on the verge of bidding adieu to the MCU and making way for Jane Foster as Mighty Thor.

However, director Taika Waititi does not seem to agree with this sentiment.

"And also, it's really fun, the idea that Thor [has] got Stormbreaker, that big axe, and now his hammer's back and it's in the hands of someone else. It's no longer his hammer. It's the idea that someone's taking his place. I think a lot of fans are gonna potentially assume, 'Oh, OK, this is the passing on of the torch'... I'm not privy to any plans Marvel has for the future, but I don't think that's the case," he told Total Film in an interview.

Still, the God of Thunder will indeed have to deal with a lot in an upcoming movie. It's always tough to come across your ex, but for Thor, it's also about his actual superhero mantle and legacy.

Natalie Portman's Jane Foster, according to Waititi, remains an important part of the story in 'Love and Thunder'.

"We stick pretty closely to Jane's storyline, and what happened to Jane... because that was such an influence on the film. We're trying to take the best parts of that," the director added.

Just how Thor and Jane will work out the things between them – both in terms of their ill-fated relationship and superhero duties – remains to be seen on July 8, when 'Love and Thunder' premieres in theaters.

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