'Conversations With Friends' TV Show Has Book Fans Excited… And Guess Who Wrote The Soundtrack

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Sally Rooney and her books are marching through the planet, conquering not only the hearts of books fans but also studios execs on TV.

Following the successful TV adaptation of Rooney's book 'Normal People' with Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones, 'Conversations with Friends' is now coming to Hulu and BBC 3.

Moreover, a certain someone jumped in with both feet to create an original song specifically for the show – Phoebe Bridgers herself.

Her song 'Sidelines', which is featured in the show, will premiere a month before 'Conversations with Friends' hits the screens, on April 15.

And this is something that has fans particularly excited about the upcoming series.

Of course, the soundtrack itself is not the only thing that had fans squealing with joy. After 'Normal People', many people have been waiting for Rooney's other book, 'Conversations with Friends', to be adapted as well. And it looks like the same team that won awards for 'Normal People' now is working on the new show.

But who needs book drama, when there's actually a lot of real-life drama, right?

We do. We need it.

'Conversations with Friends' will be there to emotionally wreck you on May 15, arriving at Hulu and BBC 3. Until then, how about a 'Normal People' marathon?

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