Could Ms. Marvel's Motivation Be... Not So Heroic?

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A little less cosmic than we've all imagined?

Judging by all of the trailers, sneak-peaks and interviews we got on 'Ms. Marvel', Kamala Khan seems to be one of the most wholesome superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with her cute little coming-of-age story. Yesterday an Avengers nerd and fanfic writer, she discovers superpowers on the next day and learns how to be a true hero – that's what we are expecting to see.

Yes, but is it what will actually happen? Some fans are concerned that Kamala might end up being a little more selfish and less heroic than previously thought.

For instance, in the trailer she is seen clearly falling for a guy and craving to become a part of the "fantasy world" she so frequently escapes to from the reality of school and family drama.

So what if Kamala just wants to be a hero to get attention from the boy she likes, and generally get people to love her? That would seem reasonable, given how people from her school presume she is a "weirdo".

But many OG Ms. Marvel fans have quickly rose to her defense, arguing that even if the desire to be appreciated is one of the factors, it certainly won't be the only driver for Kamala to be a hero.

With Marvel stepping into the yet undiscovered territory of school coming-of-age stories aimed at the younger audiences, 'Ms. Marvel' seems to be a potential push forward for the studio, especially in light of the optimistic early reviews. Still, her motivation will only become clear as her story moves forward.

The series premieres on June 8 on Disney Plus.

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