Crazy Fan Theory Connects 'The Sandman' & MCU... In a Way That Could Actually Work

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The most unexpected connection ever.

One could not possibly think of trying to interconnect 'The Sandman' (which is actually a DC universe property), and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (which is a DC rival, and biggest one at that). However, there is one fan theory on Reddit that provides a possibility of Dream… being actually connected to the Infinity stones.

Remember one of his power tools, the ruby, stolen by John Dee? A red stone that is capable of… altering reality, right? Just where might we have seen that already?

That's right, one of the Infinity stones that allowed its bearer to change reality at their will was a major part of Thanos' devious plan to wipe out half of the universe in the MCU. In 'The Sandman', Morpheus definitely did not plan on doing anything like that, using the ruby as one of his power tools that allowed him to carry on with his duties as the ruler of the dream realm.

A certain someone, however, did want to use the ruby for malicious purposes in 'The Sandman'. This someone was John Dee, who snatched the ruby and used it to terrorize several customers of a 24/7 diner in the '24/7' episode of the Netflix show. Even though Dream arrived at the scene to retrieve the ruby, John still killed everyone involved in his cruel experiment.

However, other Infinity stones do not quite correspond with the rest of the Endless family – even though the fan theory suggested that Death might lay her hands on the Soul Stone.

Still, since 'The Sandman' is technically a part of the DC universe, and not Marvel, Dreamstone already has quite a history in the DCEU, which is why the connection between 'The Sandman' and the MCU is highly unlikely and will have to remain as a fan theory.

Unless we truly letting our imagination go and remember about what the multiverse can do.

While fans are making the craziest assumptions, sharing fan theories on Reddit, 'The Sandman' is still waiting to be renewed for a second season. Netflix has not yet decided whether the Neil Gaiman adaptation will have a sequel. The writer himself previously mentioned that it would have to be at least a month from its premiere before Netflix would decide whether to renew 'The Sandman' for a second season or cancel the series, which has held the top spot in the most-watched new shows for weeks.

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