Crazy Fan Theory Suggests MCU's Uncle Ben Might Be Alive

Crazy Fan Theory Suggests MCU's Uncle Ben Might Be Alive
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This is not a drill, this is not a joke.

Put aside everything that might distract you, because today we're diving into a daring fan theory that might provide an answer to a burning MCU question – or create even more mysteries trying. Off we go.

Less than a week ago Redditor AndromedaIcedLatte created a thread questioning what might seem a glaring plot hole in MCU, and providing a possible answer to it.

Author put a disclaimer saying that this is "not a fact. Not a rumor. Not a leak. Just a theory." And we will proceed in the same line.

The theory at hand being that MCU's Uncle Ben might actually be alive. Alright, we know that goes drastically against the Spider-Man canon.

But hear us out. As not only Spider-Man fans might be aware, Spider-Man owes his superhero ways to a fact that he blames himself for his Uncle Ben's passing.

What seems bothering in the current iteration of Spider-Man movie continuity, is that Uncle Ben hasn't been mentioned once.

That leaves a gigantic room for speculation. With an explanation that Uncle Ben is actually still alive being as surreal, as it is diabolically logical.

Reddit seems to be picking up on this idea as well.

"So many opportunities to mention it and they just kinda tiptoed around it. It wasn't a logical move at all. And making people have to infer what happened leads to post like this. Or claiming tony stark was his uncle Ben," Redditor treetopkingdom says.

While this fan theory might prove plausible at the end of the day, albeit for now it is a stretch, the ending of No Way Home might have rendered it obsolete as now Ben "wouldn't remember he had a nephew."

It would be fair to mention that other points of view were also rightfully expressed.

"It was just a logical thing not to address directly because literally everyone knows how he died. Do we add an extra 30 minutes for an origin story that we've already seen twice?" Redditor lowfreq33 asks.

Whatever the actual thing is with Uncle Ben in the MCU, the sheer scope of fan theories prove they will probably never cease to amaze us.