Criminal Minds Fans Still Pissed Off About This Pointless Couple Reunion

Criminal Minds Fans Still Pissed Off About This Pointless Couple Reunion
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All that just to break them up off-screen?

With Criminal Minds running for 16 seasons and over 300 episodes, it's almost expected that there will be some questionable characters and storylines.

While there are not many fans who are generally unhappy with the show's writing, some decisions still raise a few eyebrows. Especially when it comes to the love lives of the fan-favorite leads.

One decision that was certainly not met with praise is David Rossi's reunion with the mother of his daughter, Hayden, who kept her secret for 30 years.

That alone would seem to be reason enough to never regain the trust of the fanbase, but the writers disagreed and made the couple reunite.

As much as the audience enjoyed exploring the relationship between David and his daughter Joy, the reunion with her mother was deemed unnecessary and illogical.

"This woman kept his child from him. He missed all the important moments of his daughter's life. Her entire childhood. Over three decades. I get that he was obsessed with his job and wasn't a good husband, but he still could've been a good and present father in Joy's life.

But she decided to deny him all that. And in the end not only was he not angry, but he dated her again? Makes no sense," Redditor Marril96 shares their point on the reunion, explaining why it was so frustrating to watch.

Although many fans were happy to see Rossi break up with Hayden shortly after they got together, they still question the decision to reunite them in the first place.

Of course, it's nice to see someone come to their senses and get out of bad relationships, but was it ever necessary to go back into them?

Especially since the show already had much better chemistry with David Rossi and Krystall Richards and it looked too bad in comparison.

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