Daniel Radcliffe Addressed Annoying Rumors About Himself: 'That Doesn't Make F*cking Sense'

Daniel Radcliffe Addressed Annoying Rumors About Himself: 'That Doesn't Make F*cking Sense'
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Bizarre rumors throughout his entire life have surrounded the Harry Potter star, and now he finally took a stand and addressed some of the most profound nonsense.

Becoming a superstar at such a young age as Daniel Radcliffe comes with its fair share of obvious advantages and a whole bunch of insidious cons we rarely think about.

Lack of friends and childhood beyond the set of the Harry Potter movies, constant stress from being different from his peers, and many other things accompanied Radcliffe for years.

And, of course, rumors. How could we have possibly forgotten about the rumors?

The lead stars of such a massive franchise are always surrounded by speculations and bizarre insinuations, but Daniel Radcliffe has always been the primary target — Undesirable #1, in a way. Throughout the years, the sheer number of various rumors about Radcliffe has become absolutely overwhelming…and now, he addressed them.

“In terms of stories about me, the weirdest story I read about myself was that I had the SAS walk my dogs, that I had special beer brewed myself by monks in a monastery in Belgium, that I used to get my assistant to hold my scripts in the mirror so I could read them while I was having makeup done,” the actor started recounting during his Vanity Fair lie detector test.

Out of all these ridiculous speculations, the latter one earned a special comment from Daniel Radcliffe who couldn’t help but point out how dumb it even sounded.

“...even though that doesn’t make f*cking sense, ‘cause I wouldn’t be able to read mirror writing. Um, and yeah, there’s a long list [of other nonsense, too],” Radcliffe concluded.

Speaking of rumors about his persona, the actor also addressed the speculation that he was cast as the new Wolverine and that was why he’d got so buffed.

The actor explained that he only started hitting the gym so hard because he was “obsessive” and ultimately ended the Radcliffe-Wolverine rumor: “Flattered, but no.”

It must be quite an exhausting thing, learning such bizarre “insides” about yourself all the time from some random media guys — but also, presumably, quite an amusing one. We can’t help but think of just how much nonsense Daniel Radcliffe has heard about his own life this way…and how much of it was even remotely close to the truth.

Source: Vanity Fair via YouTube