Dark Theory That Will Change The Way You See The Incredibles Forever

Dark Theory That Will Change The Way You See The Incredibles Forever
Image credit: globallookpress

Turns out that Syndrome, the first movie's villain, might not be 'gone' gone after all.

Pixar animated movies are almost never as simple as they seem. With tons of fan theories on Finding Nemo and Toy Story, why should The Incredibles be any different?

According to one popular fan theory shared by Redditor Spoodern, the superhero family of The Incredibles is still under threat, even though their biggest enemy was seemingly defeated in the first movie.

We're talking about Syndrome, who used to be a little fan of Mr Incredible, but grew to be a supervillain, not a superhero. In the end of the first movie, he dies... or does he?

The theory insists that Syndrome not only survived, but also actually had superpowers, even though the only thing leveling the playing field for him were his gadgets. That might be true if Syndrome's mother is truly who the theory believes her to be.

"One of Mr. Incredibles first encounters with "buddy" was the bomb voyage scene and soon after that Mr. Incredible saw and told the police officers to take buddy back home "and make sure his mom knows what he has been doing". What's interesting about that phrase, was the tone he spoke in, and how he made it seem as if he knew Buddy's mom... Now it may sound like a bit of a stretch here, but Physchwave, the dead super is his mother," the theory reads.

Psychwave had psych powers, which is pretty clear from her name. If Syndrome was indeed her son, then there is a chance that he inherited her powers. But how could they help him survive?

"So saying Syndrome had these powers, in his final moments he discovered the power and so he decided to use it. Of course he had to act fast so he possessed the closest person next to him before his death, and it was none other than Jack Jack," the theory says.

Now this is where it gets dark. If that is true, then Syndrome's personality is basically trapped in the Incredibles' youngest son Jack Jack.

That might as well mean that the threequel, should it happen, will bring surprises for the superhero family that are far from pleasant.