DC Fans Tentatively Happy For Viola Davis Being on Track to Get Amanda Waller Spin-Off

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The character who does not have any superpowers at all can actually be quite a convincing supervillain.

Viola Davis is in talks to reprise the role of Amanda Waller once again, this time in what appears to be a 'Peacemaker' spin-off, according to Deadline.

HBO Max expects Davis to star and exec produce the show alongside James Gunn and Christal Henry, a writer behind 'Watchmen'.

In the universe of 'Suicide Squad' and its spin-off 'Peacemaker', Davis' Amanda Waller is a senior civil servant behind the agency that developed the Suicide Squad program. She is the one watching over the squad's missions, threatening to blow them up unless they obey her orders.

Despite Viola Davis recently getting into social media crossfires for her performance in 'The First Lady', fans seem to be more than eager to see her return to the role of Amanda Waller once again – particularly due to the participation of James Gunn.

Many believe that Davis was the perfect choice for Amanda Waller.

While it's unclear whether the upcoming project will center around Waller, some fans warn against focusing exclusively on her.

Other people remembered how skeptical everyone was about 'Peacemaker' when it was announced – and how it turned out to be great despite Peacemaker not being the most outstanding character in 'Suicide Squad'.

The yet-to-be-named spin-off is not officially confirmed, and there is no release date yet.

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