DCEU Fans Wonder What the Next Possible Superman Film Should Be Called

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Warner Bros. plans for the DCEU seem to have collapsed in recent years, with fans constantly demanding director cuts, and high-profile productions getting terrible reviews from critics and audiences alike.

But if DC does decide to bring back its Superman for another feature film, what might it be called?

The 2013 'Man of Steel' was a solid foundation for the DCEU, with newest Superman Henry Cavill and Zack Snyder behind the camera assuring fans that their favorite comic book hero is in loving and caring hands. Almost 10 years later, the DCEU is still a mess, miles behind the successful MCU, which premiers many new projects every year to the delight of fans. So somewhere along the way, DC producers have gone off the deep end, jeopardizing this whole previously sensible-sounding endeavor.

The DCEU desperately needs a reboot, and one of the best places to start is by making a new Superman movie. But, as fans on Reddit rightly pointed out, it's too early to use the 'Man of Steel' title, so what title will Warner Bros. decide to reboot the hero with?

The number one choice, according to Reddit, is 'Man of Tomorrow', referring to one of Clark Kent's older nicknames. Such a choice of a title would really symbolize a lot to the DCEU, as if promising a fresh start for the beloved comic-universe and a departure from previous failed ideas in favor of new and exciting ones.

Some fans are 100% supportive of this choice of title, but hope that the rebooted Superman will look different from the '90s one associated with that moniker and slightly outdated.

Now the DCEU fans can only hope that Warner Bros. creative team will take their job seriously and make 'Man of Tomorrow' as great as it deserves to be.

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