DCEU Might Be Facing a Shake-Up With 'The Flash' Reportedly "Undated"

DCEU Might Be Facing a Shake-Up With 'The Flash' Reportedly
Image credit: Legion-Media

Amid the uncertainty around Warner Bros. following the cancellation of 'Batgirl', fans fear that more projects are to be axed.

It looks like Warner Bros. has "undated" 'The Flash ' amid the controversy around its main star Ezra Miller in order to decide on the project's future, according to Big Screen Leaks Twitter account.

However, according to the rumors, shelving 'The Flash' like the studio did with 'Batgirl' is not quite possible because of the money already poured into the project and its importance for the DCEU future.

The news came shortly after The Hollywood Reporter suggested that the Shazam and Aquaman sequels might end up being delayed on the heels of 'Batgirl' cancellation.

The DCEU is not going through some difficult times currently. 'Aquaman 2 ' discovered itself mired in controversy over having Amber Heard as part of its cast as she is blasted as a domestic abuser after her bombshell trial with ex-husband Johnny Depp. 'The Flash' has been previously delayed until 2023 after its star Ezra Miller was accused of harassment and kidnapping of a minor.

'Batgirl', in its turn, has been axed by Warner Bros. entirely, reportedly because of the studio's push for large-scale projects that would be more suitable for big screens – which the movie created for HBO Max clearly didn't fit.

The DCEU fans are worried that Warner Bros. actually doesn't have a clue what to do with its high-maintenance superhero franchise, and that some even darker times lie ahead for the cinematic universe, while Marvel has been churning out more content than ever. Despite 'The Batman 's relative success and Henry Cavill willing to do another turn as Superman, fans are not so sure that the studio is all that interested in developing the DCEU further.

"We won't know what happens to Superman or any characters unless they get a DC head. Which is hard to do because they need someone who is a producer, comic book nerd, and willing to spend their entire career working DC CBM. Which is a tall task in itself." – @GenZ_Brown_Boy

But while fans blasted the studio for killing 'Batgirl', any kind of actions on 'The Flash' might be welcomed because of the controversy surrounding the movie and Warner Bros. lack of any official comments on how it plans to address it.

Initially, 'The Flash' was slated for a 2023 release. There have been no official updates regarding any changes in the schedule.