DCU Drama Continues: The Rock Gets Dragged For 'Humiliating' Cavill

DCU Drama Continues: The Rock Gets Dragged For 'Humiliating' Cavill
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Almost nine weeks passed since the release of Dwayne Johnson's much-anticipated Black Adam and it seems that the movie has failed to impress the audience.

It wouldn't be stretching a point to call it a box-office flop. The Rock's flick, he'd been making since 2008, grossed the modest $391 million worldwide against the $200 million budget. According to some estimates, the figure shows that the movie has failed to recoup the overall costs marketing and distribution expenditures included. But what on earth does Henry Cavill have to do with it?

Well, Dwayne The Rock Johnson has been rooting for the return of Superman and his Black Adam was exactly where Henry Cavill made a cameo tipping off his comeback. In one of his Twitter posts following the release of the film The Rock sounded as if Cavill's return as Superman was a done deal. He said that bringing Cavill back took 7 years and that the comeback materialized only when the new management took the reins at DC Studios. But now we know that it was not the case.

One theory is that by bringing Cavill as Superman into his Black Adam, Johnson hoped to give his otherwise weak movie an adrenaline shot. He used Cavill as a booster but the film just failed to take off.

At the same time it may look as if The Rock simply framed Cavill, who was kicked out from James Gunn 's future DCU after Black Adam underperformed at the box-office (per Variety).

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This is what DCU and Cavill's fans are talking about on Twitter, accusing Dwayne Johnson of being a selfish man who "used" and "humiliated" Henry Cavill. One of the DCU fans feels sorry for The Witcher actor who literally found himself "between The Rock and a hard place (James Gunn and Peter Safran)." They are also sad that Cavill will no longer play either Geralt of Rivia or Superman.

Another angry cinephile blamed Johnson for hyping up "Henry Cavill's back as Superman and made it seem like the dude was back for good when he NEVER was". The fan hopes that James Gunn will get rid of Johnson's version of Black Adam too because The Rock apparently "deserves it."

While it is certainly easy to trade accusations the fact is Henry Cavill did announce his return as Superman in one of his October Instagram posts and even shot his second Superman cameo for Flash. This did seem like a done deal back then and nothing suggested this fall that such a sudden change of plans was coming.

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There's also another issue to be taken into account. Actors are grown-up people and are educated enough to be able to act responsibly and make their own decision. And one would believe that Henry Cavill is no exception.