Dead Boy Detectives Boss Breaks Fans Hopes for a Teased Romance

Dead Boy Detectives Boss Breaks Fans Hopes for a Teased Romance
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Don’t forget who the real enemies are.


  • Based on the DC graphic novels of the same name, Dead Boy Detectives is a new Netflix supernatural drama that has taken over the platform's charts like a storm.
  • The show has not yet been renewed for a second season, but fans are sure it won't be canceled.
  • Season 1 teased a possible romance between one of the protagonists, Edwin, and his captor, Cat King. However, the show's co-showrunner is skeptical about the idea.

Recently, the television industry as a whole has taken a huge step forward in terms of inclusivity. We now have access to a whole variety of series in different genres that include queer characters, characters of color, disabled characters, and every other oppressed group as equals.

While the fight is far from over, it's good to see yet another popular show explore the sexuality of its characters without detracting from the plot. Dead Boy Detectives made sure to highlight Edwin's first steps in accepting his queer identity. This has also led to a lot of speculation about his relationship with Cat King.

Is Edwin in Love With Charles?

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Episode 7 of the show brought many fans to tears with a heartfelt conversation between Edwin, portrayed by George Rexstrew, and his best friend Charles, portrayed by Jayden Revri. Though Edwin's confession was met with a gentle rejection, the scene was played with such love and care from both characters that it touched even the strongest of viewers.

However, Charles' rejection only made viewers more intrigued by the possibility of a romance between Edwin and Cat King, who took a special interest in him. Even though Cat King was an obvious antagonist, viewers immediately fell in love with him thanks to Lukas Gage's charisma.

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Though there is no confirmation that season 2 will happen, even if it does, the chances of a blossoming romance between Edwin and his captive are very slim. No matter how much people love Cat King's character, they need to remember his origins, according to co-showrunner Steve Yockey.

Speaking to Variety, Yockey was adamant about Cat King's role in the plot of Dead Boy Detectives:

“If we get to make more, I believe you have not seen the last of the Cat King. But honestly, he is an antagonist. He’s a predator. It is great that you love him, and it is great that some people in our writers’ room think that he is magical. <...> But ultimately, he forcibly imprisons Edwin in a town in the Pacific Northwest and then tries several times to blackmail him into affection.”

Even though the showrunner is currently very skeptical about the possibility of romance between the two, the second season is not here yet, so there is a glimmer of hope. Who knows, maybe something (or someone?) will make the Cat King change his mischievous ways?

If you are interested to see where the story will take both protagonists, Edwin and Charles, in season 2, be sure to keep an eye out for any important news and exciting updates from Netflix.

Source: Variety