Dead Boy Detectives S1 Already Lacks Too Many Things S2 Will Need to Deliver

Dead Boy Detectives S1 Already Lacks Too Many Things S2 Will Need to Deliver
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The show left fans wondering about quite many important things.


  • Netflix ’s big hit show Dead Boy Detectives left many fans craving for yet another season as the show, affluent in showing the present events, lacked specifying some important details from the characters’ past.
  • The show dives deep into Charles and Edwin’s investigations, though fans still wonder about their personal background that made them both be quite reserved about it.
  • Dead Boy Detectives’ potential second season has all chances to get the same level of success by showing a more personal and dramatical side of both characters.

Netflix’s most recent supernatural hit Dead Boy Detectives didn’t take too much time to enter the streaming’s top 10 chart, holding a solid position since its release on April 25.

While the show’s compelling plot made many Netflix’s viewers binge-watch it soon after it was dropped on the platform, Dead Boy Detectives’ immense success is still not the main reason for its very possible renewal for yet another season.

Though we learn pretty much about Charles and Edwin’s investigations that they carry out while also helping other ghosts to get to the afterlife, there’s not so much to get from the plot about the boys ’ background, especially when it comes to an attempt to understand their personal trauma that clearly has something to do with their families or surrounding.

Despite the fact that the overall essence of the family bond runs like a red thread through the whole show, there’s still a lot to clarify about it should Dead Boy Detectives receive a deserved second season.

Season 2 Needs to Give Us More Flashbacks

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Both main characters evidently have some dark secrets that lie deep down in their family’s closets. Though season 1 made it quite clear that Charles suffered from abuse not only in school where he was eventually killed, but also at his own house living under the same roof with a relentless father.

Still keeping his father’s cruel nature in mind even after the death, Charles clearly opted for staying on Earth so that he could constantly check whether his father was being abusive towards his mother too.

The show generally doesn’t reveal much about Charles’ family, making some believe that a potential second season will unveil some issues that Charles had with his parents when he was alive.

Though Edwin’s death has nothing to do with family problems, he still has someone else to blame for turning his life into misery by just ending it entirely. Edwin’s fate was determined when he agreed to assist at a ritual conducted by Simon and, though the latter had clearly a crush on Edwin, he didn’t want to be bullied by other boys, so instead of showing his genuine feelings he became unbearably toxic.

The ritual eventually took all of the present boys’ lives when a demon named Sa'al was summoned to later on bring them to Hell, but Edwin was able to find only Simon while others got lost somewhere in the underworld.

Dead Boy Detectives’ potential second season thus may also shed some light on Edwin’s close surroundings that he had while he was still alive and dive deeper into his complicated relationships with his peers.