Deadliest Teen Wolf Villain Was Totally Wasted on the Show

Deadliest Teen Wolf Villain Was Totally Wasted on the Show
Image credit: MTV

Teen Wolf was the kind of show that never failed to introduce us to new antagonists.

From Jennifer Blake to Deucalion, there were so many lethal villains in this series that picking a favorite wouldn't be an easy task. However, many fans think the deadliest supervillain of the show was completely wasted.

Teen Wolf has made some questionable plot choices throughout the years, without a doubt.

The showrunners also made it their mission to introduce us to as many villains as possible, season after season. But there's one villain that the audience loved (and sometimes hated) whose potential wasn't used to its fullest, and that character is none other than Peter Hale.

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As the first main antagonist of the show, Peter Hale played a huge role in the hit series. He gave Scott the bite that would change his life forever, after all. But apart from Scott, there were many other supernatural beings Peter created in Beacon Hills. Peter himself is part of the infamous Hale family, where supernatural knowledge is passed down from generation to generation.

Peter's character is truly versatile and entertaining – he can be merciless, charming, and sarcastic, all at the same time. But as popular as he is, fans feel that writers and showrunners have wasted many opportunities when it comes to the character.

First of all, Peter is a bit too much of a soap opera-type antagonist for many people's liking.

Even though he definitely delivers a memorable performance, some think he's too over-the-top, especially in seasons 1 and 4. In fact, a lot of fans would prefer if he was a bit more morally ambiguous and that the series would include him attempting to become better as part of his journey. After all, we did see glimpses of him trying (and failing) to do the right thing. However, this could've been taken much further.

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And secondly, it would've been great to see Peter have more depth. He carried out the duties of a sarcastic evil villain, no doubt. But instead of him just being the evil guy, fans would've liked to see the show explaining his background more and actually delve deeper into the story of how he used to be a nice guy who was made evil through tragedy.