Fan Theory Imagines TBBT Characters 10 Years Later, Gets Real Dark Real Fast

Fan Theory Imagines TBBT Characters 10 Years Later, Gets Real Dark Real Fast
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When The Big Bang Theory premiered back in 2007, it took the world by storm.

And it's hardly surprising! It was a unique premise, with super interesting nerdy characters who were all different and fascinating to watch. Not to mention, the jokes were actually funny and the brilliant cast had great chemistry. This kept millions of fans looking forward to each and every episode.

So, when it was suddenly announced that the 12th season would be final, everyone was understandably shocked and disappointed. But it didn't take long until fans started coming up with their own theories about where the characters would be ten years after the finale. And let's just say, some of them get real dark real fast.

When the shock announcement was made about the sitcom coming to an end, no one saw it coming (well, except for Jim Parsons, of course). And when the big finale aired, it all felt incomplete and as if there was still a story to tell.

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Some fans even said the series should've ended after a few more seasons because it seemed like they crammed multiple seasons into one, and many storylines were left open.

Fans still hope the show will be brought back one day, even through a different series, as there would be a lot of material to use. But until then, they decided to take it upon themselves to come up with many theories that would give them much-needed closure. But there's one theory on Reddit that stands out because it gets pretty bleak and, well, strange.

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According to this theory, Penny leaves Leonard for Zack and this makes him gain so much weight that he reaches 350 pounds and remains in the old apartment with his son and Sheldon, who is also dumped by Amy one year after the Nobel. Sheldon's inability to cope makes him become even more insufferable than before.

And speaking of Amy – after breaking up with Sheldon, she'll most likely move in with Barry Kripke out of spite and they'll have three kids and Barry will become Sheldon's boss.

Then we have Raj, who is hopeless about the unfortunate state of his life and goes overboard with creepiness with his dog and ends up serving 3 years at Pelican Bay, being disowned by his parents and getting fired. He then moves in with Howard and Bernadette to get back on his feet. In an emotional moment, Raj and Howard act upon their feelings, and Bernadette catches them in the act and kicks them out.

Howard and Raj start living in an SRO and Bernadette decides to move in with Stuart, whose comic book store collapses and he eventually snaps and gets arrested while wearing a skin suit made out of Denise.

Now, this theory might be a bit too gloomy to fit with the show's positive vibes, but it's definitely a fascinating one.

Do you think it could be possible?