Did Netflix Just Confirm Umbrella Academy Version of Ben Hargreeves Not Coming Back?

Did Netflix Just Confirm Umbrella Academy Version of Ben Hargreeves Not Coming Back?
Image credit: Legion-Media

Number Two of the Sparrow Academy is pretty much alive, but what about the Umbrella's Number Six?

Ben Hargreeves has been technically dead since season 1 of 'The Umbrella Academy ', but it never meant that he did not actively participate in the family drama, albeit via his brother Klaus who is capable of communicating with the dead.

In season 2, Ben sacrificed his after-life to prevent Viktor from causing yet another apocalypse, effectively dying for the second time. Still, it's 'The Umbrella Academy' we're talking about, and fans have been lowkey hoping that they won't be forced to bid adieu to the beloved character, especially after season 3 revealed that Ben's variant in the alternate timeline is alive and well.

But it looks like Netflix has hinted that the original Ben "has been removed from the timeline", as the promotional campaign for the new season indicated.

The Twitter account of the streaming platform was counting down the hours left until the season 3 premiere, using pictures of the characters to mark the number of the remaining hours. When the premiere was 6 hours away, the account shared a picture of the Sparrow Academy's Number Six, Jayme, and the picture that read "This post has been removed from the timeline" instead of the portrait of Umbrella's Ben.

Other countdown posts featured the characters from both families.

It does look like we won't be seeing the Umbrella Academy's Number Six no more, even though Justin H. Min still plays a major role in season 3, delivering a whole new Ben who has no idea that he is dead in another timeline.

The new season premiered on Netflix on Wednesday, June 22, consisting of ten episodes to binge-watch.