Did 'She-Hulk' Try To Go For 'Sonic Effect' With Its Failed CGI?

Image credit: Legion-Media, Marvel Studios

'She-Hulk' has made waves after the first trailer reveal, but definitely not in the way the studio wanted… or was it precisely what the studio wanted?

We all remember the tough path of 'Sonic the Hedgehog': what started off as potentially the worst and the ugliest videogame character screen adaptation turned out to be arguably the best one. All of this due to the fact that the studio actually listened to the massive criticism it faced.

With 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law', things went in a similar direction after the release of the first trailer, where VFX received perhaps the harshest backlash Marvel fans were capable of. After this, it took the studio around a dozen of days to offer a second version of the trailer, where the visual effects looked slightly more bearable.

So perhaps this is exactly the goal that the team behind 'She-Hulk' established before releasing the trailer that clearly lacked profound CGI work, fans have suggested. Release a "bad" version, then "listen" to the criticism, and "fix" the mistake – voila, you just received kudos for being the world's most attentive studio.

One of the fans dubbed it "the Sonic effect", suggesting that Marvel was simply hyping things up, and not actually "fixing" the mistake.

However, if this was the case, than it does not look like it worked, because the extent of the CGI tweaks in the new trailer for 'She-Hulk' certainly do not look as substantial as it was with the Sonic movie, where they had to completely redesign the character. Marvel, in its turn, has just added some skin texture and hair details – the amount of work that was not compelling enough for many CGI critics.

Whether or not it was an attempt to go for the so-called "Sonic effect" or simply a mistake made due to lack of time and resources, we still have time until 'She-Hulk' hits screens on August 17 to see if things got better.

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