Did 'The Boys' Just Teased How Homelander Might Be Killed?

Did 'The Boys' Just Teased How Homelander Might Be Killed?
Image credit: Legion-Media

The Amazon Prime series is racing toward the end of its third season, and fans are convinced that the weapon that can kill Homelander is finally found.

The story of Billy Butcher (Karl Urban ) battling the villainous superhero Homelander (Anthony Starr) has baffled viewers with one important question – how can a mere mortal defeat a flying, laser-shooting God with impenetrable skin and the mindset of a serial killer? For the past two seasons, the answer has been the same – he can't. But with the arrival of the Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles ) in season 3, this status quo might finally change.

Soldier Boy, presented as 'The Boys ' version of Marvel's Captain America, was introduced as the first ever superhero, who suspiciously went missing in the 1980's. As Butcher and his team of vigilantes later found out, the superhero had been kidnapped by the Russians and experimented on, resulting in him possessing an incredible weapon – projectiles capable of nullifying superhuman abilities on impact. Sounds like a great chance to finally put an end to Homelander, doesn't it?

In a Reddit thread about the recently released episode 5, fans agree with this statement, saying that Butcher teaming up with Soldier Boy by the end of the episode was a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

"I'm gonna be honest, I think I agree with Butcher about teaming up with soldier boy. Homelander is a threat to the entire world, yes its personal for butcher, but Anne should understand the danger homelander existing creates. We already know soldier boy can be contained, homelander has never had anyone close to his power. It's the only option." – /FurryWolves.

However, others jokingly argue that Soldier Boy's powers won't even be needed to defeat the superhero, citing a recent episode showing how painful it is for Homelander to sit through Vought International board meeting.

"If Soldier Boy can't kill him, I'm pretty sure another board meeting might make him die of embarrassment." – /Electric_Nachos.