Did 'The Winchesters' Just Retcon 'Supernatural'?

Did 'The Winchesters' Just Retcon 'Supernatural'?
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The story of John and Mary Winchesters seems to be way too confusing, especially when it comes to continuity.

'The Winchesters ' new trailer happens to re-establish some things from 'Supernatural ' that fans thought to be canon, and it is unclear whether the confusion is an intentional decision to retcon the original story or just a plot hole.

For instance, many fans have immediately questioned the way John became a hunter. In 'Supernatural', he started hunting things after his wife Mary died horribly at the hands of Azazel. However, 'The Winchesters' tells an entirely different story: in fact, Mary was raised as a hunter and appeared to have dragged John into the supernatural drama.

Besides, Dean is seen in the trailer driving the Impala and digging into his parents' story without Sam – something that many fans also amounted to retconning.

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The confusion that the trailer created appeared to have pushed some people away from the show before its release.

But others came up with a possible explanation.

There are also people who urge to wait until the show's premiere.

'The Winchesters' airs on The CW in the fall, with no exact release date scheduled yet.