Is Castiel Really in 'The Winchesters' Trailer?

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Or is it just us missing Misha Collins' awkward angel in the trench coat?

After the trailer for 'The Winchesters' was released, it looks like SPN fans only care about one character who has not even been officially confirmed as part of the show.

But if there will be no Castiel in the 'Supernatural' prequel, then what on Earth is going on at 1:08 in the trailer?

The scene in question purportedly shows Castiel's entrance into the barn from 'Lazarus Rising', an episode from season 4 of 'Supernatural'. Or at least that's what fans really want to believe.

Some people immediately became more invested in the 'Supernatural' prequel due to the possibility of Castiel being involved.

Since his dramatic appearance in 'Supernatural' season 4, Castiel has become one of the major characters in the show, but he was claimed by the void in the season 15 finale. It could mean his ultimate death, but we all know too well that no one in 'Supernatural' really dies.

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Misha Collins was not officially confirmed as part of 'The Winchesters' cast. Looks like the only way for us to tell whether Castiel is in the prequel is to wait and see for ourselves when 'The Winchesters' premieres on The CW in the fall.

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