Didn't See That Coming: 10 Most Unforgettable Harry Potter Twists

Didn't See That Coming: 10 Most Unforgettable Harry Potter Twists
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Without a doubt, J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter saga is one of the most iconic fantasy stories of all time, all thanks to an exhilarating mix of magical school drama and a genuinely thrilling overarching story that offers readers a series of unforgettable plot twists in each and every book.

Needless to say, Hollywood has nailed the adaptation of the books into a movie franchise, with the writers preserving the plot twists from the source material, enhancing them even more with the help of great actors and cinematography.

Here are 10 unforgettable plot twists from the Harry Potter movies:

While it would be unfair to call Warner Bros.' films superior to Rowling's original books, since the story itself was taken directly from the author's work, it's impossible to argue that the twists and turns in the film versions looked far more convincing.

The visual nature of cinema is a perfect tool to shock viewers with a startling revelation, and seeing the actors' faces certainly helps to make the most painful plot twists sting even more.

Take Dumbledore's death, for example - Harry's mentor's death in the book was certainly a heartbreaking event, but it was Michael Gambon's genius performance and David Yates' assured creative direction that made the scene one of the most saddening sights in franchise history.