Disney Backlash Again: Show White Live-Action Causes Outrage Among Fans

Disney Backlash Again: Show White Live-Action Causes Outrage Among Fans
Image credit: Legion-Media, Disney

It seems that all of the new Disney live-action remakes have a disturbing trend – they all become the subject of harsh criticism.

It seems that no Disney princess who gets her own live-action movie these days can escape the harsh criticism of the fans. The new live-action adaptation of Snow White seems to be following the difficult fate of The Little Mermaid – it has already been scolded for almost everything.

The new Snow White, which, according to Disney representatives, will have to correct the mistakes of the 1938 version, will be played by actress Rachel Zegler, known for her role in Steven Spielberg 's West Side Story, for which she received a Golden Globe.

Initially, some fans were not happy with the fact that the actress playing Snow White is Hispanic. Later, the actress admitted that she herself could not imagine that an actress of Hispanic origin would be cast as the princess.

According to her, Spanish-speaking countries also have their own Snow White, but few people have seen Snow White played by a Latin American – and that is the main problem. But let's face it, Rachel really does look like the classic animation Snow White.

More recently, the movie has again caused a flurry of discontent after audiences saw photos from the set, and in particular, the dwarfs depicted in those photos.

Disney has previously stated that it plans to replace the dwarves with "magical creatures" to avoid perpetuating harmful stereotypes about people with achondroplasia, but the new incarnation of Snow White's seven friends of all sizes and genders seemed too "politically correct" to many fans.

Even before the details of the upcoming movie were known, Disney was criticized by Peter Dinklage, known to most viewers for his role as Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones.

Peter accused the studio of double standards – Disney proudly announced that it had cast a Hispanic actress as Snow White, but was still telling the story of the seven dwarfs, which the actor said was one-sidedly progressive.

Now, fans can see that Disney has indeed moved away from the image of the seven dwarfs that Dinklage criticized them for, but still failed to please a large portion of the audience.