Disney Brings Rogers: The Musical To Life, And Fans Are Freaking Out

Disney Brings Rogers: The Musical To Life, And Fans Are Freaking Out
Image credit: YouTube

Rogers: The Musical will actually become a reality. At least in Disneyland in California.

The musical from the Marvel series Hawkeye will be performed there, as announced recently on Disneyland's social media.

Anyone who has followed the Hawkeye series on Disney+ could still remember catchy tune from Rogers: The Musical, which was used several times in the series.

Now Disneyland California is making the dream of many fans come true and is bringing the piece to California Adventure's Hyperion Theater later this year. Already at the D23, those present were surprised with a performance of the catchy tune.

A short Twitter video starring Agent Carter promotes the short, one-act musical. In Disneyland Paris, for example, there are already shortened productions of the Disney musicals The Lion King or Frozen to see.

So, it's not entirely illogical to have Rogers: The Musical staged too, as an ultimate fan service. When exactly fans can expect the musical to premiere is unclear at the moment, as the promo doesn't reveal more than a Summer 2023 tease.

In the Hawkeye series, Jeremy Renner aka Clint Barton and his family watch the fictional MCU- sical, as he's the only one Avenger who RSVP'd to the show.

Fictional musical depicts the Battle of New York, that is the one from the first Avengers movie. And now it will make its way for actual real-life people to see in the most meta move possible.

The fan reactions have been overwhelmingly excited since the news came out. It turns out, some fans tend to be REALLY excited, as they just "need this in [their] life."

The upcoming musical hasn't announced its premiere date yet, but fans are already so hyped there's no stopping them.

"Who wants to organize a chartered flight so all us New York area theater nerds can go see it en masse?" Redditor dreadpiraterose asks already.

And frankly, who can blame the fans for freaking out about what can become an amazing meta fan service. Let's just hope the musical will be filmed and put onto Disney+ for the world to see.