Disney Re-Releases 'She-Hulk' Trailer With Improved CGI, But Are Fans Satisfied?

Image credit: Marvel Studios

Looks like the studio has heard the criticism.

The first trailer for 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law' has been met with a wave of backlash over its CGI, but it looks like Marvel is on track to fix that. The studio has re-released the trailer, with the show's Disney Plus page now featuring the video with higher quality and apparently improved visual effects.

Now, we can definitely see more skin texture and details, even though the changes are not quite noticeable if you don't go for high resolution.

However, it seems that the tweaks were not enough to calm down the already outraged She-Hulk fans and critics.

Other people were less critical, but still pointed out that there is a lot to be fixed before the show's release on August 17.

But the Shrek vibe is the Shrek vibe.

Still, even though there might be a lot of work ahead, it's remarkable that the studio went for better skin texture and even little green-ish details in Jennifer Walters' hair. This is the first time when Marvel basically has a CGI-created lead character, so the visual effects really do play a significant role in 'She-Hulk'.

The fact that the studio appeared to have taken the negative feedback well and fixed the mistakes may be a signal that not everything is as concerning about 'She-Hulk' as critics believe.

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