Disturbing Fan Theory That Can Ruin James Bond’s Charm In An Instant

Disturbing Fan Theory That Can Ruin James Bond’s Charm In An Instant
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What if Bond is not a hero at all?

James Bond is one of the oldest and most iconic franchises. For more than 60 years now, thanks to actors like Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig, the name of Bond has truly become the most popular superspy in the movie world.

All of these actors became A-listers after starring in Bond movies. But the latest James Bond, Daniel Craig, who started his tenure as 007 in 2006, announced his retirement from the franchise a few years ago.

Well, although fans were devastated by the news, it seems that it was still a good run for Craig.

He gained international fame and his portrayal of the famous spy became the most favorite among fans.

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So now all the fans can think about is who the franchise is going to give them as Craig’s replacement? There are many theories on that matter, but nothing is proven yet.

But among those name theories, we recently found a more interesting one. A Reddit user just posted a "what if" that may actually ruin the whole franchise.

“My theory is that James Bond is nothing more than a test Dummy, manipulated by Q through MI6 to field test his gadgets. And that Q is in reality an (evil?) international arms dealer and the true head of Spectre,” Redditor Stunning-Stretch6910 said.

The theory is so disturbing that it actually blows your mind. But the arguments for it are so valid that you start to question it yourself.

The author of the theory mentioned that every time James Bond is captured, he is put in a very specific situation from which he can only escape with the very specific gadgets that Q gives him at the beginning of his mission.

Well, despite the fact that the theory sounds crazy at first, it may not be total BS after all. We still have time to wait and see what the next James Bond installment will be about and whether it will prove or disprove this life-changing theory.