Do People Really Think 'Batman and Robin' Is The Worst Superhero Movie?

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There are superhero films that people are obsessed with because of the great storyline, mind-blowing visual effects or favorite actors. And there is also another kind of superhero films – the kind that we love ironically.

After a thread was launched on Twitter with people discussing their favorite worst superhero movies, many users weighed in to pick 1997 'Batman and Robin'.

They even got the title trending, as heated discussion continued online. But why do people like to dislike it so much?

Seems like its authenticity and lack of pretentiousness received some kind of weird respect .

One of the most popular reasons for hate is… Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mr.Freeze.

And his weird ice puns.

Some people, however, were triggered by the mere fact that someone put 'Batman and Robin' on the list.

Maybe the movie is not that bad after all – it just has its own kind of bizarre charm.

Good old 'Batman and Robin', however, has its fair share of fans who love it ironically, while other movies on the list have to deal with actual, unironic hate – among them being 'Suicide Squad' and 'Venom 2'.

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