Does The Crow’s OG Director Hate Bill Skarsgård’s New Remake? It’s Complicated

Does The Crow’s OG Director Hate Bill Skarsgård’s New Remake? It’s Complicated
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Alex Proyas left fans wondering after his controversial comments about the new Crow — but now he explains it all.


  • Alex Proyas’s 1994 film The Crow is getting a modern reboot with Bill Skarsgård in the leading role — and the director doesn’t seem to be happy about it.
  • Proyas gave some controversial comments about the upcoming new version, but still pretty much criticized the film which pretends to copy Brandon Lee’s legacy.
  • The director didn’t like either the trailer or the published images from the film, but he still might change his mind after seeing the new Crow.

Back in 1994 Alex Proyas directed the original The Crow — a story about Eric Draven, who was murdered alongside his fiancée, but somehow managed to come back to life bringing with him a plan for brutal revenge.

Then the role was given to Brandon Lee, the son of legendary actor and martial artist Bruce Lee. In a new version Eric Draven is portrayed by Swedish actor Bill Skarsgård.

Though recently Proyas posted in his social media a message saying he doesn’t really like seeing negative opinions of fellow filmmakers’ work, he still caused some controversy.

What Does the Original Director of The Crow Think About the Reboot?

Does The Crow’s OG Director Hate Bill Skarsgård’s New Remake? It’s Complicated - image 1

Just after mentioning that, the director wrote that he truly believed in the new crew’s best intentions while bringing The Crow story back to the screen, but in this case “fan’s response speaks volumes”.

Lastly, he added that he doesn’t think The Crow is just a movie, but rather a whole history for making which Brandon Lee sacrificed his own life — that’s why the films transformed into some kind of tribute to the late actor for his brilliance on screen.

And still Proyas’s opinion about the upcoming reboot stays more negative than positive — the director wasn’t impressed neither by the trailer, nor by released images showing Skarsgård in his epic role.

Proyas criticized the film even more by commenting “Eric Draven’s having a bad hair day. Next reboot thanks” under one of the posts with the new Crow images. Even though fans got more humble about the movie after the trailer was released, nothing seems to convince the original creator.

The Crow will premiere in theaters this June — and there might be a slight chance of Proyas changing his position.