Don't Watch These 10 Superhero TV Shows With Your Kids

Don't Watch These 10 Superhero TV Shows With Your Kids
Image credit: Legion-Media

Let's face it, even though superhero movies and shows have proven to be a cinematic force to be reckoned with and have provided fans with interesting and well-thought-out stories, the majority of viewers still treat them as entertainment for children.

And that's not really surprising. After all, superheroes are usually associated with silly names and tight costumes, and people who don't spend a lot of time reading comics or watching their adaptations continue to think of them as children's heroes. Of course, that's not really true.

Here are 10 superhero TV shows that are definitely not for kids:

In recent years, dark and twisted superhero shows have become a huge trend, with various networks and streaming services shelling out millions to acquire the rights to beloved characters and put them in the middle of bloody and gruesome stories.

DC is obviously a trendsetter when it comes to dark TV shows, but Marvel was the one who started the craze all those years ago, partnering with Netflix to produce shows like Daredevil, which first brought brutality to the tired TV superhero genre.

Thankfully, with the success of The Boys, we can now expect dark superhero shows not only from franchises like DC and Marvel, but also from smaller independent companies like Image, Dark Horse, and BOOM!

Here's the complete list of adults-only superhero TV shows mentioned here: Luke Cage (2016), Gen V ( 2023), Doom Patrol (2019), Jessica Jones ( 2015), Peacemaker ( 2022), Harley Quinn (2019), The Punisher (2017), Daredevil (2015), Invincible (2021), The Boys (2019).