Double The Talent: Actors Who Nailed Two Roles on The Same Show

Double The Talent: Actors Who Nailed Two Roles on The Same Show
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Excuse me, have we met before? You might have missed these double roles in your favorite TV-shows.

Have you ever watched a TV show and found yourself thinking, "Wait a minute, didn't that actor play a different character earlier in the series?"

It's not uncommon for actors to portray multiple roles on the same show, often with vastly different personalities and storylines.

Let's explore some of the most notable examples of actors who played different roles on the same show.

5. Donald Glover (Atlanta)

While his role as Earn, a brilliant yet troubled Princeton dropout-turned music manager has become synonymous with his name, his awe-inspiring performance as Teddy Perkins, the nefarious and grotesque attempted murderer who donned heavy prosthetics to conceal his identity in the eponymous episode, stands out as a striking testament to Glover's unrivaled talent and artistic range.

4. Karen Gillian (Doctor Who )

Karen Gillian is a good example of the top-notch acting. She killed it in Doctor Who with two characters.

She played a super captivating soothsayer in The Fires of Pompeii, as she got the role of Amy Pond, the baddest companion to the eleventh Doctor.

She's got that fearless loyalty and courage that makes fans go wild.

3. Paget Brewster (Сommunity)

Paget Brewster has played some epic roles that had us all glued to the screen.

But before she landed her big gig as Frankie, she was just a regular IT employee in the episode Analysis of Cork-Based Networking.

It was just a matter of time before she rose to the top and became the superstar we all know and love.

2. James Franco ( The Deuce)

In this HBO show by David Simon about the Golden Age of Por, James Franco portrayed twin brothers Vincent Martino, a bartender, and Frankie Martino, a gambler.

What can be better than James Franco? Right, two Francos.

1. Peter Capaldi ( Doctor Who)

Peter Capaldi is a total legend in the Doctor Who universe. He first popped up in The Fires of Pompeii as Caecilius, a sculptor who got saved by the eleventh Doctor from a fiery volcano.

Then, he scored the gig as the twelfth Doctor and blew us all away. But he didn't stop there – he also showed up in a Doctor Who's spin-off Torchwood as John Frobisher.