Dwayne Johnson’s Forgotten Box Office Failure Suddenly Made It to Netflix Top

Dwayne Johnson’s Forgotten Box Office Failure Suddenly Made It to Netflix Top
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The Rock’s passion project is taking it all as it received a second chance.


  • Despite Dwayne Johnson ’s films usually getting away with pretty good results in the box office, one particular film became an exception — but now it’s having its revival in the Netflix ’s top.
  • The actor himself was having high hopes for the film, but eventually it ended up with the box office failure and the critics’ displeasure.
  • Though the movie didn’t do well during its theatrical run, it still has a lot of valid reasons to be one of the most-watched films on the platform.

Dwayne Johnson may be on the top list of Hollywood’s high-grossing actors with a collection of films that won big in the box office, but there are some exceptions. One of the actor’s most anticipated films that he personally was very excited about didn’t do that well in the cinemas back then — but now it’s surpassing its previous limits by hitting Netflix's top.

After cementing his A-list status in Hollywood with successful projects like Fast and Furious 6 and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Johnson got interested in superhero movies. In 2022, he starred in the DC’s film Black Adam which the actor was personally passionate about — to his shock, Black Adam didn’t impress critics at all and didn’t even manage to break even, thus becoming a big commercial and artistic failure.

Nonetheless, the film’s fiasco has some chances to be forgotten as Black Adam has recently got to Netflix’s top and became the tenth most-watched movie globally during the last two weeks of March — despite the fact that Rotten Tomatoes still keeps its discouraging score of 38%.

Though there still can be some valid reasons behind this tardy success.

The film has a lot of famous actors in it, the plot is exactly what a family evening needs for a watch, let alone the fact that, if we turn a blind eye to the box office failure, it’s still one of the DC movies — and that will definitely lure fans that for some reasons skipped its theatrical run and maybe even those who did see the movie in the theaters, but just wants to rewatch.

And Dwayne Johnson’s appearance alongside some pretty decent humor comes as a pleasant bonus.