Dylan O'Brien's Absence is a Red Flag for Teen Wolf Movie Fans

Dylan O'Brien's Absence is a Red Flag for Teen Wolf Movie Fans
Image credit: MTV

When Teen Wolf fans found out the series was coming to an end, with the finale airing in 2017, they were devastated. But just four years after the final season, a revival movie was announced.

Upon hearing the news, fans were excited to see all their favorite actors reunite on the big screen once again. So, when it became apparent that Dylan O'Brien might not be making his return, many were worried, to say the least. And the reason behind it is quite concerning, indeed!

As you may already know, Dylan O'Brien played Stiles Stilinski, a character that was an essential part of the series, being the main protagonist Scott McCall's best friend. So, when the reboot was announced, everyone fully expected to see him in the movie. But to the surprise of many, it turned out he won't be making a comeback.

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Questions were then raised about the actor's absence and his answer was a red flag for fans. Why? Well, when the reunion movie idea came about, O'Brien was actually keen on being involved. However, he was busy working on other projects and needed to find an opening in his schedule if he was going to return. This, however, proved to be more complicated than expected.

This Character's Absence in Teen Wolf The Movie Really Ruins His Redemption Arc

O'Brien himself has expressed that a lot went into this difficult decision. He revealed to Variety that the show and the members were very dear to him and that he tried to make it work. However, he also added that everything happened very fast and that the cast didn't know it was happening until it was "kind of just thrown at them a little bit."

This, of course, sparked concerns among fans, as it seems like the follow-up movie will be done in a hurry and, additionally, without the character that's adored by many. After all, the main purpose of reboots is to make the fan base happy.

What Do Fans Have to Say?

This shocking announcement has left fans speculating about what really went down behind closed doors. Some think it's, in fact, the actor who doesn't want to be part of the project. And according to their theories, he's simply too busy or he could be playing a negotiation tactic. Others are convinced the showrunners are to blame, stating that it would be too strange for O'Brien to turn down the offer after expressing so much love for the series and cast.

Teen Wolf: The Movie is set to release on Paramount+ on January 26, 2023.