Dylan O'Brien Is Rumored to Revive Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise

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Dylan O'Brien started his climb to success as Stiles on MTV's Teen Wolf series.

After a successful six seasons of Teen Wolf, O'Brien went on to take the lead role in Maze Runner. At just 31, the American actor has begun to build a strong name for himself in Hollywood, but his next potential role could change everything.

It has been revealed that Dylan O'Brien is currently the number one pick to play the leading role in Pirates of the Caribbean series as Disney+ looks to revive one of its most profitable and loved franchises.

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The first movie of the franchise was released by Disney in 2003. Although the giant production company was skeptical of releasing a pirate movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl was a massive success. The action-adventure became an instant Disney classic and earned over half a billion dollars worldwide. From there Disney would go on to film and release four more Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

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Arguably one of the biggest contributing factors to the success of the franchise was Johnny Depp who played Captain Jack Sparrow. Fans loved his character's wit, cunning tactics, and heroism, as well as his signature drunken walk and eccentric hand gestures. The franchise shot the young Depp into superstardom and he became the face of Pirates of the Caribbean.

However, as much as fans loved the movies, Pirates of the Caribbean had seen a steady decline from the release of its first movie; with the last movie they released grossing the lowest of them all. There were several factors to blame for the slow downfall of the franchise, this included a lack of clarity in the plot of the movie that made them hard to tie together and left big plot holes that viewers couldn't ignore.

In 2019 Johnny Depp was one of the most talked about people in Hollywood, for all the wrong reasons. It came to light that his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard, had made allegations of domestic violence against him. He sued her for defamation and won in 2022, but the lengthy legal battle and very public allegations saw him lose many roles including the Harry Potter saga, Fantastic Beasts, and most shockingly, his lead role in Pirates of the Caribbean.

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Many thought that Dead Men Tell no Tales would be the end of Pirates of the Caribbean, but Disney has other ideas. The now dormant series could very soon be brought back to life with Dylan O'Brien taking on his biggest action-adventure role to date. Nothing has been confirmed, and it is not certain that O'Brien will take the role, although he would be a suitable candidate to take over what Johnny Depp and Disney built. Fans can only eagerly wait and hope that confirmation of a revival is just over the horizon.

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