Linden Ashby Refused to Watch Teen Wolf Finale, and the Reason is So Heart-Warming

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There's no doubt that Teen Wolf captured the hearts of millions around the world. The supernatural hit series ran for 6 whole seasons and 100 episodes between 2011 and 2017.

Though the series has come to an end, fans were pleasantly surprised when the cast came together for a reunion 9 years after MTV first aired the show. And during this reunion, more details were revealed about the show's big finale, including the fact that Linden Ashby refused to watch the Teen Wolf finale, and you'll never guess the reason why!

The Finale

Before we get into Ashby's comment, let's quickly recap what happened in the final episode. First, we saw the leads fighting the fear monster and saving Beacon Hills from a war. Scott also rescued a young werewolf called Alec and invited him to join their pack and fight the hunters enlisted by Monroe, whose mission was to kill all supernatural beings. The final scene of the show was of Scott welcoming Alec and all of them coming together.

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This ending upset many fans because it didn't deliver a satisfying closure to the story. Showrunner Jeff Davis revealed the reason why he left the story open-ended was that he envisioned the type of ending that would let viewers know there were many more battles to fight and stories to tell.

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How the Cast Felt About the Final Episode

Tyler Posey, who plays Scott McCall, said that when he found out the show was coming to an end, he felt peace and happiness looking back on everything they've done. Linden Ashby, on the other hand, confessed he never watched the final episode, even after all those years. And despite what you may think, it's not because of the way it ended!

The real reason why he refused to do it was that he wanted to keep it going for himself, which is simply so heartwarming. "I just was like, "Nah". I didn't want to. Yeah. So, it's still going on for me," he explained at the reunion.

And honestly, we get it. Sometimes all you want to do is take it all in, hold on to the precious memories and keep them alive in your head.

Personally, we're not sure we'd be able to resist watching the very last episode of the show after being part of it for so many years. But one thing is clear – not only do its countless fans hold Teen Wolf dear but also its cast members.

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