Biggest Script Slacker on Teen Wolf Set is Also a Fan-Favorite

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When it comes to our favorite shows, it's hard to imagine the actors having any other lines than what we know and love them for, and Teen Wolf is no exception.

But there is one actor who didn't memorize all the scripts. And ironically, everyone in the fandom adores him for this exact reason, even naming him the number one reason to watch the series. Do you already know who it is? Let's see if you were right (though there's clearly only one right answer)!

It's no secret that actors sometimes like to make their own creative choices during filming and improvise their lines from time to time. But the one actor that truly took it to the next level was Orny Adams, better known as Coach Finstock in the hit series. Coach Finstock is the ultimate fan favorite, and it's easy to see why. He had great comic timing and his hilarious one-liners were always on point.

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But what makes his character even better is the fact that Adams never read his scripts. During the 9-year reunion, Adams admitted that he stopped reading the scripts altogether after season 2 and just made up his lines on the spot. And what's even funnier is that he also confessed he didn't remember all the character names and some co-stars.

"I'm pretty sure I couldn't name all of the characters on the screen. Some of these people I don't even remember working with them," he said.

All his deliveries were so good that it's hard to believe any of them could be improvised! Nearly all fans say they could never think of anyone else who'd be able to do what Adams did with this role.

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He's been praised for his quality acting performance, saying that every scene he was in made the series. The only criticism fans had was that his character could've been utilized way more, as they would've loved for him to get more screen time.

Now, ahead of the upcoming revival movie Teen Wolf: The Movie, which Adams is confirmed to be a part of, a fan asked him on TikTok if he read the script this time, to which he replied in the typical Coach fashion: "What script?"

So, it looks like Adams will, indeed, not read the script again, and we wouldn't expect anything less from him. After all, Coach doesn't need a script – the script needs him!

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