Teen Wolf Creator's Hilarious Tidbit on Who Was The Biggest Diva on Set

Teen Wolf Creator's Hilarious Tidbit on Who Was The Biggest Diva on Set
Image credit: MTV

Have you ever watched a compilation video consisting of errors from TV and film that made it to the final cut? Me too. My inner critic gets a tiny jolt of dopamine when I realize people other than myself make whoopsies.

I grew up watching classic B & W Hollywood films where everyone smoked cigarettes and drank champagne. I don't remember the first time I realized props, hair, and makeup, even lighting, could reveal if a scene was done in one take or if it was made up of multiple takes. It became a sort of game for me. Only later, as I studied the history of cinema and filmmaking, did I realize the true importance of continuity.

When there are noticeable changes, (a cigarette half-smoked becoming a full-length unlit cigarette for instance), it is a distraction that can derail the viewer's experience. No longer completely immersed in the scene, the viewer has difficulty paying attention and often loses interest. The viewer is reminded what they're seeing is just a story, and it loses its impact.

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So, what does this have to do with the title of this article? Recently the cast and crew of Teen Wolf got together to answer questions about the show and one another. One of the most surprising answers came from the show's creator Jeff Davis.

When he was asked which cast member was the most difficult to work with (AKA the biggest diva onset), Davis shocked everyone by saying the biggest nightmare to work with was Tyler Posey's — hair. Posey, who plays Scott McCall in the TV series Teen Wolf, apparently has locks that simply refused to be put on lock.

"The first season, we couldn’t understand it. He looked different in every shot, and we started calling it a living creature. We were going to give it its own cast chair. By like season 3, the hair people finally learned how to do it."

Davis went on to say the actor's hair looked inexplicably different in each and every shot, and the crew was at a loss as to how this could be. So convinced was the crew that the hair had a mind of its own they even began referring to it as a "living creature."

Clearly, the actor's tresses had a mind of their own. They were like wild stallion that refused to be tamed. So much was made of the mane that the crew even joked about giving it its own cast chair. Thankfully, although Davis said it took until Season 3, the hair stylists had learned how to keep it under control.