Edge of Tomorrow Fans, Rise Up: Tom Cruise’s Warner Deal Gives Hope For a Sequel

Edge of Tomorrow Fans, Rise Up: Tom Cruise’s Warner Deal Gives Hope For a Sequel
Image credit: Warner Bros.

This is the most exciting news for all the sci-fi fans out there.


  • Tom Cruise has signed a deal with Warner Bros. to produce original films and franchises, giving fans hope for an Edge of Tomorrow sequel.
  • Edge of Tomorrow, released in 2014, was a financial failure, but it became a cult classic among fans of the sci-fi genre.
  • Tom Cruise first talked about a sequel in 2015, but the project was eventually put on hold due to the pandemic.

Warner Bros. Discovery and Tom Cruise have inked an agreement for the production of original content and franchise movies, and it opens up new opportunities for collaboration.

At the same time, Warner Bros. will not have exclusive rights to the actor's projects; he will continue to work with other Hollywood major studious and streaming services. In the past, the actor had worked with the studio on many of his most prominent firms including, yes, Edge of Tomorrow.

Edge of Tomorrow Became a Sci-Fi Cult Classic

Edge of Tomorrow (2014) did not live up to commercial expectations, but became a cult favorite among many science fiction fans. According to the plot, Lieutenant William Cage finds himself in a grandiose battle with an alien army that has already destroyed most of Europe. On the beaches of Normandy, Cage is killed by one of the so-called Mimics, but the man wakes up the day before his death. And so it goes, just like in Groundhog Day.

Viewers often complain about sci-fi action movies – most of them spend two-thirds of their running time on backstory, motivations, and problems, and only towards the end do they pick up the pace.

Edge of Tomorrow is the complete opposite. The first frames take your breath away, and the suspense does not let up until the end credits. At the same time, the movie is not limited to battle scenes – there is also an original theory where the phenomenon of Cruise's character came from, an unusual race of aliens, and a special view on whether it is worth continuing the fight if you can live your "Groundhog Day" over and over again, finding in it not only death, but also pleasure.

Edge of Tomorrow Has Been in Development For 10 Years

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Cruise first spoke about Edge of Tomorrow 2 in December 2015, claiming that he had an idea for a second movie. In 2016, Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman agreed to work on the sequel, and screenwriters Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse were hired to write the script. In May 2017, Liman confirmed that Cruise and Emily Blunt would return.

However, the project was frozen in 2018. The script was handed over to Jez Butterworth for revision, but a year later he was replaced by Matthew Robinson, who was rumored to have completed the script. The COVID-19 further delayed the production – filming during the pandemic was too expensive.

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Now that Cruise has a deal with Warner Bros., there is every reason to hope that a project as highly anticipated as Edge of Tomorrow 2 will finally find its footing, shake off the dust, and finally get the attention it deserves.