Eliza Gonzalez Got Into A Heated Argument With Michael Bay: Here's What's Happened

Image credit: Legion-Media

'Ambulance' star liked her on-screen persona so much that she got into an argument with film's director Michael Bay over it.

Speaking to Screen Rant, Mexican singer and actress Eliza Gonzales revealed some interesting details about her time on set. Playing the role of paramedic, Gonzales was really trying not to "make a joke or cartoon version of" first medical responders, who put their lives in danger every day to help people in need. So, Gonzales was not thrilled with Bay trying to slip in some inappropriate (to actress' liking) things concerning the paramedic character.

"I really wanted to level up and bring something that would feel proud of. So, I was very vocal about certain things that I didn't feel would be right. And then he'd be like, "Just let me do it. Trust me." So, we would butt heads a lot, but that's part of the creative process. It's sort of speaking up about what your thoughts are and then finding a common ground".

However, it doesn't seem like director-actress duo experienced a strained working relationship on set – according to the star, they got along perfectly. Perhaps Bay was proud of the young actress trying to give her all for her role in his film, so he decided not to make a fuss about the situation.

The 'Ambulance' is on its way to US theatres, arriving April 9, 2022.

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