Emily Blunt Revealed Cillian Murphy's Funny Way to 'Decompress' after Oppenheimer

Emily Blunt Revealed Cillian Murphy's Funny Way to 'Decompress' after Oppenheimer
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Everyone has their poison, and the Oppenheimer lead star chose his wisely.


  • Cillian Murphy played the lead role in Christopher Nolan ’s Oppenheimer.
  • According to Murphy’s co-stars, he was working tirelessly, sacrificing all his time and effort to the movie.
  • After Oppenheimer finished filming, Murphy “decompressed” by eating a whole lot of cheese, Emily Blunt shared.

Massive movie productions such as Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer can be stressful for their actors… Even more so, if we’re talking about the likes of Cillian Murphy who take their jobs very seriously: the movie’s lead star learned 30,000 Dutch words in just three days (!) for one of Oppenheimer’s shortest scenes.

Sure enough, after many months of such intense work, Murphy needed to unwind — and, according to his on-screen wife Emily Blunt, he did it in the best way possible.

Cillian Murphy’s Anti-Stress Poison Is…Cheese

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Everyone has their own decompression methods. For some, they are toxic, like smokes and alcohol; for others, they are healthy, like taking walks or working out. Some people resort to simply changing their occupation to take their minds off the stressful subject. But Cillian Murphy has a much better way of addressing stress.

Cillian Murphy consumes ungodly quantities of cheese.

“[Cillian ate a lot of cheese after we were done filming Oppenheimer,] because he needed to decompress. Cheese is a great decompression!” Emily Blunt shared with People.

Murphy himself added that he preferred “aged cheddar [directly] from cheddar companies.” Apparently, the actor’s passion for good cheese is quite known, and he often receives entire wheels for free — and he absolutely doesn’t mind that.

Cillian Murphy Needed a Breather after Oppenheimer

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Out of all the actors who starred in Christopher Nolan’s three-hour-long magnum opus, Cillian Murphy was definitely the most hard-working. The sheer dedication Murphy put into nailing his part shocked his co-stars who recalled his learning 30,000 Dutch words over a weekend and practicing tirelessly without taking rests.

Robert Downey Jr., one of the most experienced Oppenheimer stars, admitted that in his entire career, he had never met a more devoted and selfless actor.

“I have never witnessed a greater sacrifice by a lead actor in my career. He knew it was going to be a behemoth task when Chris called him. But I think he also had the humility that is required to survive playing a role like this,” Downey Jr. told People in a different interview.

Florence Pugh and Emily Blunt, too, were amazed by Murphy’s dedication to the role. Working so hard for months must have been endlessly exhausting, so we are not surprised Murphy needed to decompress after Oppenheimer was done shooting. And decompressing by eating an unholy number of cheese wheels is now officially our favorite way of battling stress!

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