Erin's Storyline on Blue Bloods Leaves Fans Sweating Over Anthony Leaving

Erin's Storyline on Blue Bloods Leaves Fans Sweating Over Anthony Leaving
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Since his first appearance in Season 6, Blue Bloods' Steve Schirripa has been a mainstay of Blue Bloods as Anthony Abetemarco. His relationship with Erin Reagan is a fan-favorite – but those fans are beginning to fear the end is coming.

In Season 13, Episode 14 – Collision Course – Erin continues her campaign for District Attorney. She turns to Bobbi Gallo, seeking an endorsement. The two agree to have lunch together and Erin invites Anthony, who agreed with some hesitancy.

Bobbi made clear that if she endorses Erin, Erin will surely emerge victorious. But she gave one ultimatum: Erin must terminate her relationship with Anthony. Bobbi pointed out that his family wouldn't like the backlash that would come with a political microscope drawn upon him, and she refused to be weighed down by his presence.

She's not far off base. Anthony's father, nicknamed "Tony the Bat" was a notorious gangster, a fact Anthony learned in his early teens. Anthony had a few demons of his own, having used excessive force on a man whom he expected had taken advantage of his ailing mother's Alzheimer's. Ever the good friend to Erin, Anthony transferred to another bureau.

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Blue Bloods fans are livid, devastated at the prospect of one of their favorite relationships potentially facing its end. Fans have said Erin's relationship with Anthony is by far the strongest in her life, other than her tight-knit family. They're able to disagree, argue, and even fight, but their relationship is always rooted in love. On top of having a solid working relationship, they're good friends who share a lot of trust.

Fans have had different theories about what will happen next, sitting in a few different camps.

The hopefuls believe this is just a dramatic plot point, one that will resolve itself naturally. Whether Erin ignores Bobbi's wishes or ends up turning down her dream job, they're sure that Anthony and Erin will end up working together once again.

Others are less hopeful, shouting at their TV screen and angry at the creators for taking Anthony out of Erin's life.

Still, others are realists, hinting that behind-the-scenes is playing a factor in this storyline. Maybe Steve Schirripa's time with the show is over, and this was their way of writing him off.

All fans have one thing in common: they do not want this to be the end of Anthony.

Season 13 of Blue Bloods will return after hiatus on March 31, hopefully with a few answers coming soon.