Evan Peters Is Fed Up With Dahmer-Like Roles

Evan Peters Is Fed Up With Dahmer-Like Roles
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Let this man play a romantic character for once…

For the past decades, Evan Peters took the responsibility to play only challenging roles.

He started with Tate Langdon, a problematic teenager, who appeared to become a school shooter, in American Horror Story: Murder House, and moved to Jeffrey Dahmer in Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, where he played one of the most famous serial killers of all time.

By his own admission, such roles are super hard for him.

Last time it took Peters two years to recover from his role as Kai Anderson in AHS: Cult — a character inspired by Charles Manson and Jim Jones, cult leaders.

Evan Peters appeared in 9 out of 11 seasons of American Horror Story, where he portrayed a serial killer, a slave owner, a cult leader, a maniac, and a psychopath, so he literally spend almost a decade playing mentally unstable characters and it seems like his latest role of a cannibal, who killed 17 innocent people, can be his last straw.

In the last interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ryan Murphy, a creator of AHS and The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, confessed that he tried really hard not to give Evan a part in his Dahmer Story, he even auditioned more than 100 people to find that perfect one, but none of them gave him that spark that only Evan has.

And you know we can't blame him. Evan Peters' Golden Globes' performance as Jeffrey Dahmer really gave us chills and it's hard to imagine anyone in this place but him.

Peters also shared that his latest experience made him go through his own challenges due to the complexity of the role he played.

Dahmer's actions are not the only odd and bizarre thing that he did.

In the series you could notice that the character doesn't really make much of the body movements, he didn't lift his arm much, and the speech was always slow and lagged.

Those were the crucial moments in Dahmer's behavior that Evan had to carry with him during the whole filming process.

He even recorded Dahmer's voice so he could listen to it during the day and adjust to it, and we literally don't understand how this man didn't lose his mind.

In the same interview, Murphy admitted that before taking the role, Evan said that one day he wants to play someone "normal" and maybe do a rom-com.

And, though complicated roles seem to be perfect to be played by Evan Peters, he deserves a chance to have his romantic boyfriend moment.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter