Even Michael Keaton's Brilliance Doesn't Save Beetlejuice 2: Early Reviews Bury Tim Burton's Sequel

Even Michael Keaton's Brilliance Doesn't Save Beetlejuice 2: Early Reviews Bury Tim Burton's Sequel
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Sometimes going back to the old classics doesn’t lead to definite success.


  • Tim Burton’s upcoming Beetlejuice 2 has already had 2 test screenings that most of the audience seemed to like — but some people still stick to an opposite opinion.
  • World of Reel’s Jordan Ruimy has published on his website some more details about the film that were shared by one of the first viewers.
  • According to him, the sequel doesn’t live up to the fans' expectations and so far the audience is divided into two different camps.

Tim Burton’s sequel for Beetlejuice which comes out more than 30 years after the first film was released is probably one of the most anticipated movies of this year.

With the star-studded cast that includes Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder and Catherine O’Hara (who are reprising their original roles) as well as Jenna Ortega, Monica Belucci and Willem Defoe it seems like nothing can really impede Beetlejuice 2’s future success — but not everyone agrees on this.

World of Reel’s Jordan Ruimy has recently posted on his website that he had personally talked to one of the few people who had managed to go to the film’s test screenings that had already happened twice this last month in the US.

Even Michael Keaton's Brilliance Doesn't Save Beetlejuice 2: Early Reviews Bury Tim Burton's Sequel - image 1

So far most of the first viewers were quite content with what they’d seen, but Rummy’s interlocutor seems to stand out of the whole mass.

According to him, he originally didn’t have any high expectations from the sequel and the movie itself wasn’t 100% bad, but still very disappointing.

Firstly, the interviewee pointed out to the trailer which was released several days ago and already then could’ve risen some thoughts about the movie’s doubtful potential — with Winona Ryder having the same hairstyle as she had when she was a teenager in the first film and children singing Day-O in there because the song had also appeared in the first movie.

Generally, the sequel seems to cling onto its original too much — both films obviously had to be connected, but here, as Ruimy recounts one of the viewer's impressions, Beetlejuice 2 loses all its at least partial autonomy as a bit of a different story.

Some of the storylines seem to never be finished properly and several iconic figures appearing in the film — like Belucci and Defoe — don’t have any useful impact. Even Michael Keaton’s ghost is not saving it all.

The viewer criticized even the movie’s visuals — which is quite a rare occasion for Tim Burton’s films.

Though the sequel still has some chances to not be turned down completely by the audience — as the viewer says, half of those attending the test screenings seemed to be delighted while the other half didn’t try to conceal their disappointment.

Things will get clearer when Beetlejuice 2 hits the cinemas this September.

Source: World of Reel