Everybody Thinks Matthew McConaughey Is In This 2000’s Iconic Romcom — But He’s Not

Everybody Thinks Matthew McConaughey Is In This 2000’s Iconic Romcom — But He’s Not
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He worked with the film’s main actress three times, but not this one.


  • Matthew McConaughey is to this day mistaken to be a part of a famous rom com from the 2000s starring Reese Witherspoon.
  • Despite being seemingly not vert alike in terms of their appearance, McConaughey and the actor he’s often confused with share some minor similarities that make viewers mix them up from afar.
  • What’s even more curious, both actors have already worked together on a 2011 thriller.

The famous movie starring Reese Witherspoon may be more than 20 years old, but Matthew McConaughey still accidentally gets all the fame for allegedly being in it, but he in fact never was.

Sweet Home Alabama, a 2002 romcom, also lists Josh Lucas among its main actors, though he doesn’t get too much credit just because of many fans’ common mistake.

The truth about the whole situation was recently revealed by Reese Witherspoon during her talk with PEOPLE. The actress got to reminisce about her most astounding roles like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, Annett in Cruel Intentions or her Oscar-winning performance as Johnny Cash’s wife June in 2005’s Walk the Line.

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When Sweet Home Alabama was brought up, Witherspoon couldn’t help mentioning the funny incident that keeps haunting her co-star from other films, Matthew McConaughey.

The actress shared that her actual co-star from Sweet Home Alabama, Josh Lucas, is constantly taken for Matthew McConaughey while the latter usually gets asked whether it was him in the movie or not. Witherspoon also highlighted that she indeed had worked with McConaughey on three more films, but never on Sweet Home Alabama.

The resemblance between two actors is not that striking though, but many claim that both Lucas and McConaughey have some kind of South-coded undue familiarity on the screen while also sharing minor appearance features that will probably make people confuse them from afar.

It may have become something even more confusing for those who still mistake one for the other, but Matthew McConaughey did work with Josh Lucas too — together they starred in a 2011 thriller The Lincoln Lawyer. Apart from ostensibly looking alike, both actors yet managed to harmonize each other’s performances thus making a great duo on the screen.