Everyone Has a Crush on This 'Moon Knight' Character (And It's Not Oscar Isaac's)

Image credit: Legion-Media

Oscar Isaac is undoubtedly a heartbreaker, both in 'Moon Knight' and in real life, but it turns out he's not the only crush here.

It looks like the third episode of 'Moon Knight' has solidified everyone's love for one of the characters, and, surprise-surprise, this character is not even played by Oscar Isaac.

No, it's Marc Spector's wife Layla El-Faouly, portrayed by May Calamawy, who has stolen everyone's hearts this time. While Marc Spector wishes (for some reason) to divorce the woman, Steven Grant, in his turn, is absolutely mesmerized – and how can we blame him?

Did someone say ship Steven and Layla? Because the fans heard exactly that.

As the story of Moon Knight goes on, people seem to be clearly divided over whether they like Marc Spector or Steven Grant more. Well, those who have fallen for Layla seem to be tired of this difficult choice.

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