Everyone Says 'Prey' Was Better Than They Expected

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…And they are totally right.

Has anyone seen the new 'Predator' movie 'Prey' on Hulu? Because it was way better than we expected.

Imagine: it's the 1700s and you are skilled Comanche Warrior who just wants to prove yourself and be taken seriously and you get put to the test when a highly evolved alien Predator lands and hunts you and everything around you.

The original 'Predator' franchise was a gritty but ultimately empty experience. This latest installment is exactly what it needed to revitalize itself.

Everyone did a great job: the Predator looks terrific, and the third act fight scene is a real showcase for the movie's action sequences. The story is good and does not require you to watch the previous movies as an introduction. It was not an epic, mind-blowing experience, but it did the job: a great origin story and exactly what was needed for the franchise to get back on track. The only question is: will it, actually?

After 'Prey' success, one of the 'Predator' long-time producers, John Davis, who was involved in the making of the very first movie back in the eighties, commented on 'Prey's potential sequel and the franchise's future while talking to Variety. According to the producer, the possibilities are endless, and 'Predator' still has incredible potential – the question is, how it's going to be explored.

"Well, maybe there's an origin origin story. Right? Maybe there's another 'Alien vs. Predator' story in a different situation. And maybe there's a new modern-day version. And maybe there's something somewhere in between. I think this character can show up throughout history."

If you're a fan of the original 'Predator', you're gonna love this film, and even if you're not, you still have a strong chance of liking it. The script is tight, it's smart, and the action sequences and fight choreography are highly enjoyable. This is gonna be one of those endlessly rewatchable films.

As of now, there's no information about 'Prey' getting a well-deserved sequel, but fans are already discussing the possibilities of where the franchise will be heading next.

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