Everything That Went Wrong With The Rings of Power Finale, According to Reddit

Everything That Went Wrong With The Rings of Power Finale, According to Reddit
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There's plenty of fandom complaints already.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for The Rings of Power episode 8

The finale of The Rings of Power's first season has predictably made waves online, but not because the eighth episode was full of cliffhangers and unexpected reveals. On the contrary, people seem to be underwhelmed with how predictable the show turned out to be.

However, the finale's predictability is not its only problem. Similarly to the rest of the season's episodes, the finale appears to be having writing and pace issues, according to fans.

"Like or hate the show, the fact that 90% of their "twists" were predictable or leaked from the onset speaks volumes of the writing. I'm not even going to criticize it from a lore perspective because this show stopped caring by Ep2," Redditor Hu-Tao66 noted.

Some fans took issue with the fact that the final episode did not seem to involve a major battle.

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"Not one truly big major set piece [in this episode]. LOTR usually has a battle of more than four people.. In every finale. Even [The Hobbit]," Reddit user ze_intern complained.

Others — even those who are still willing to give the show a chance — argued that the show generally lacks action. One fan noted they were "giving it every opportunity to draw [them] in but it's just missing something."

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Besides, there were a couple plot holes, fans said. For instance, people seem to be confused about whether the One Ring ended up being crafted. Others, however, tried to argue that the season serves as a set-up for future stories, which is why there is hope that the issues will be covered in the coming seasons.

According to the majority of fans, the writing was "horrible", the acting "below average", and the pacing "terrible". The only thing that fans agree was impeccable is production.

It's unclear when the second season of The Rings of Power will hit screens, but the writing has already been finalized, and the production has kicked off.