Fan Theory Has A Better Origin Story For Crowley Than Anything SPN Ever Offered

Fan Theory Has A Better Origin Story For Crowley Than Anything SPN Ever Offered
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What if Supernatural's king of Hell... Was never really a demon?

Crowley has gone from a funny supporting character to a massive fan favorite in just a few seasons, but have all of his mysteries been solved? Not according to this theory.

We know and love Crowley as Supernatural 's one and only King of Hell, a former crossroads demon who has had a tumultuous journey from being the Winchesters ' nemesis to being a family member of sorts.

His origin story suggests that he was once a human named Fergus MacLeod who became a demon after his death. He then went on to have a stellar career in Hell; after being King of the Crossroads, he quickly became King of Hell.

At least that's what Supernatural tried to tell us. According to a fan theory shared by Redditor Frances_the_Mute_99, there are plenty of clues in Supernatural season 8 that Crowley's history might be connected... to Heaven.

The first thing that makes a true Crowley fan suspicious is that he and Naomi seem to share some memories of Mesopotamia, even though his human alter ego started living in the 1600s. There's no way Crowley could be in ancient Mesopotamia without time travel — an ability demons don't have, but angels do. He also speaks fluent Enochian and is clearly more intelligent than any demon in Hell. Even his smoke is a different color than the rest of the demons.

"I think that he was an angel who fell to Earth, couldn't handle the humanity and became an abusive drunk, and didn't remember that he used to be an Angel (like how Anna forgot) until he died and became a Demon," the Redditor concludes.

This would explain his history with Naomi, as well as his presence in Mesopotamia, although some fans believe that the Mesopotamia part is just an example of "lazy writing" in Supernatural.

Unfortunately, since Crowley was killed off in season 12, we are unlikely to know the answer. However, there is clearly a possibility that Mark Sheppard 's character may have been a fallen angel all along... which, if you ask us, sounds like a perfect opportunity for a little spinoff.