Fan Theory Offers a Chilling Connection Between Harry Potter And… The Addams Family

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Beware: after reading this, you might change your view of the two universes forever.

Sometimes fan theories connect the dots in the most unexpected ways. Most frequently, fan speculations are nothing short of fantasies but even those are sometimes surprisingly working.

This is exactly what one might say about the possibility of the iconic Addams family being… Death Eaters. Hear us out.

According to an extensive fan theory on Reddit, there is a possibility that the two universes are connected in a quite chilling way, with the Addams family actually garnering their wealth through serving the art of the dark magic. Starting from the family's weird obsession with horror aesthetics and finishing with their clear love for dark arts, there are a lot of clues that might point to their ties with dark wizards from the Harry Potter universe.

The Addams family house is basically alive – we have witnessed that in pretty much every screen adaptation of the story and an old-school Harry Potter fan can't help but remember the moving staircases in Hogwarts or the pictures on its walls that could talk. But that's not even remotely the end of the long list of similarities.

"The grandmother is always in the "dungeon" type area cooking up crazy stuff in her cauldron. Serving up bewitched meals," the fan theory continues. "Their vault is protected by a wildly unrealistic traveling system to arrive to the right place, similar to Gringotts, just private and in their home."

The speculation goes on to imagine how the Addams kids would do in Hogwarts. Pugsley is described as being very similar to Neville Longbottom – with the latter being a Gryffindor kid and Pugsley likely going to Slytherin due to his dark arts family roots. When it comes to Wednesday, chances are that she could be Malfoy's betrothed (imagine that couple!), as well as being Hermione Granger's rival.

The only thing that appears to corrode the theory is the fact that the Addams family was created long before J.K. Rowling introduced us all into the world of Harry Potter. However, there is a possibility she could have taken some inspiration from the story – and who knows, maybe the existence of the iconic horror family is not that impossible in the magic universe after all.

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