Reddit Theory Suggests a Jaw-Dropping 'She-Hulk' & 'Ms. Marvel' Connection

Reddit Theory Suggests a Jaw-Dropping 'She-Hulk' & 'Ms. Marvel' Connection
Image credit: Legion-Media

A hint: it's all about the Department of Damage Control.

The 'Ms. Marvel' finale was certainly merciless to Agent Deever. Not only has she ended up as everyone's most hated character, but she also lost her job and might be on track to actually getting arrested.

With things going that way, it would be logical to assume that Deever might face a trial in the near future. And this might be a good moment for a certain attorney at law to step in.

According to a fan theory shared by Reddit user punitr1983, the DODC might hire no other but Jennifer Walters to defend Deever and potentially Cleary, who is likely to also suffer the aftermath of Deever's poor decision-making in the 'Ms. Marvel' finale.

Tatiana Maslany 's character might start working on the case not caring about superheroes too much, the fan assumed, but after she lands a victory for the DODC, things might go in an unexpected way.

"Jen dives into the case, does a good job, frees Deever of all charges, and DODC puts her on a retainer, eventually assigning her the Abomination's case," the theory goes on.

Abomination is the most likely villain choice for 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law', given that he has been teased in the first trailer for the show, and several moments in 'Ms. Marvel' made it clear that his case is under the DODC's supervision. However, it does not necessarily mean that he will be the only antihero featured in the show.

This is a curious way of intertwining the two shows, and it would certainly provide a seamless transition between 'Ms. Marvel' which concluded on July 13, and 'She-Hulk', which is due to hit Disney Plus on August 17.